Battleground 2016 WWE Championship Match Result & Winner- Deam Ambrose vs Seth Rolline vs Roman Reigns Fight, Video or Photo

World Heavyweight Championship Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Roman Reigns:

How the heck this thing ends is anyone’s guess. The champion is on SmackDown, while both challengers are on Raw, meaning any title change would flip the belt across brand lines. Nearly every other brand split included two top-tier titles, so a championship split almost seems too obvious following a controversial or no-decision finish.


Stephanie McMahon is the perfect heel authority figure to disregard any logic and simply create a championship for her star player, Rollins, so ultimately I think the title as it is now remains with Ambrose and on SmackDown. What’s strange is that this match could legitimately have headlined SummerSlam (and maybe a version of it still will with a title split coming at that point). Instead, it’s featured on Battleground, five days after a brand split with one of the three competitors coming off a 30-day wellness policy suspension.

Roman Reigns’ suspension is over, and he will return to WWE programming in a Triple Threat WWE Championship match against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at Battleground. Watch House Money Studios’ Alfred Konuwa break down why Reigns should not only turn heel on that occasion, his actions should be punctuated with a WWE Championship win.