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Apoorva (Kannada) First Day Collection- Kerala, Karnataka Apoorva Collection Performance

Sandalwood movie lovers much awaited movie Apoorva got released into the theaters today. This is a new concept love story that is picturized by the director. The movie is all about an old aged man falling in love with a teen girl. The relationship and the incidents between them from the storyline of the movie. The story is written, directed and acted by V Ravichandran himself.

Kannada star actor and director V Ravichandran’s experimental film Apoorva has hit the theater screens today. The actor who sent a couple of stills from the film recently has made the audience anxious about the film. The official posters of the movie carried a message about love between the aged and the teen., written and signed off by Ravichandran himself. The messages state some interesting thoughts that explore the emotion of love as it were.


Ravichandran‘s dream project Apoorva has opened to negative reviews from the audience.The narration has come under severe criticism. While his hardcore fans are enjoying the quotes and visuals, the general viewers are not happy with the overall content. Apoorva though is a new Kannada Actress, has performed well in the movie. The senior actors like Sudeep and Ravichandran performance show their stardom. The overall performance by the main role players in the movie has added the factor of advantage in making the movie good for the audience to watch.

Most of the film is shot in a lift where the two get stuck. The film also stars Sudeep in a cameo. Sudeep has dubbed his voice for the maximum part of the film, thereby making his presence felt in a unique way. The first day collections at the box office will reveal the actual status by the end of the day’s show. In the initial stages, the movie has good openings.