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Anuraga Karikkin Vellam First 1st Day Collection- Live Review, Audience Response & Update (Malayalam)

Anuraga Karikkin Vellam ( malayalam movie ) is the other film that is hitting the box office this friday in Mollywood cinema. On the eve of Eid, the Malaylam cinema is going to treat the audiences with the most impressive way of releasing new films. This special film Anuraga Karikkin Vellam is the latest and newly released 2016 Indian Malayalam film directed by debutant Khalid Rahman.

The movie tries to break down the patriarchal ideas in man-woman relationships, all the while giving an insight into the egoistic, self-centered and finicky Malayali men stereotype – a recipe for a delectable movie for the womenfolk. In the first half, we are introduced to every Malayalee man’s dream wife – a submissive, undemanding Asha Sarath, always at the service of her macho police officer husband Biju Menon, who absolutely takes her for granted. Her wishes are rather small, if not petty.


The script of the film Anuraga Karikkin Vellam has been written by Naveen Bhaskar, who had co-scripted the film ABCD in the past. The film, Anuraga Karikkin Vellam is tagged as a family entertainer. Anuraga Karikkin Vellam has been directed by debutante Khalid Rahman. Khalid Rahman is the brother of well-known cinematographer Shyju Khalid. Asha Sarath, Rajisha Vijayan, Sreenath Bhasi, Soubin Shahir, Sudheer Karamana, Irshad etc play prominent roles in the film Anuraga Karikkin Vellam.

Even as the husband remains aloof and detached, she tries her best to provide everything for the family. But she secretly yearns for a second look from the husband man, perhaps as an acknowledgement of sorts, although it’s to no avail, up till the second half of the movie. Anuraga Karikkin Vellam is definitely a must watch, a light-hearted family drama, which will make make every husband pause and think about the super woman in his life.