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Antham Live Review, Audience Response & Update- First Day Collection Report at Box Office

Rashmi Gautham is the only reason for the buzz around this ultra low budget thriller directed by a debutante Kalyan. Rashmi has sizzled in her hot avatar in the film Guntur Talkies that clicked at the ticket window. So the debutant director tried to make the most of Rashmi’s image and popularity. Except for Rashmi’s titillating song there is nothing else to talk about this horrendous film.

Rashmi has a very minimal role to play in this thriller. She is hardly seen after the kidnap episode. Rashmi only gets active towards the climax. She has no clue about what is happening and goes overboard with her expressions. Rashmi should be careful about what she chooses as there is high chance of getting sidelined if she continues to work in horrible movies like Antham. Charan Deep has limited expressions. He couldn’t even show the tension on his face despite getting caught in a dangerous situation. Sudarshan gets on to your nerves with his so-called comedy. Vasudev as the bad guy overacts a lot.


Everyone goes to this Antham movie expecting glamour show of Reshmi Gautham. Having this in mind director Kalyan has shot a song of Krishnavamsi “Ee Velalo song” on both the leads. Screenplay is so bad and audience start leaving after the very first 15 minutes from start. There is nothing in the movie that attracts any type of audience. Director has deceived audience by showing some glamourous shots of Rashmi in trailer and failed to live upto that expectations. Both the leads has already skipped the promotions for some reasons.

The dialogue is dreadful that the actors didn’t even have a clue about what they were talking. Nobody talks sense including the villains and the hero. A fifth grader will have better vocabulary than this writer, who also is our director. Antham fails to entertain at least for a moment. Just when you believe that this film couldn’t get any worse, the director surprises us with an atrocious climax.