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Akira Live Review, Rating & Update- Story Plot, Audience Response, Hit or Flop

Akira is an interesting story about a young, feisty woman who lands in a sticky situation. The first half shows slight potential and we hope it to lead to a spectacular second half where the bone crushing Akira would come face to face with the badass ACP Rana (Anurag Kashyap) and the popcorn in my bucket will become crunchier and crispier. Alas, I cried at the improbability of the second half so badly that tears rolled down into my popcorn adding more NaCl to the snack and making them soggier.

There are many so many things that happen in Akira, things that look grave, demand all your attention but are forgotten conveniently. Bhai yeh Akira hain ya Ghajini.


The script is more or less similar to the original film from which it has been adapted. However, Murugadoss has tried to make things innovative and bring some uniqueness in it. The film revolves around Sonakshi Sinha who has gone from Bubbly girl to Angry young woman. It’s good to see her in a new avatar.

However, the film seems to be predictable as most the storyline is the same of the original Tamil movie. So, she hasn’t really very much unique. Thus, it becomes an ordinary play for those who have already watched the film or knows about it. It gives too many loo breaks to the audience. However, if you are a fan of Sonakshi, you would love to watch her trying action scenes.

Akira is a good production with decent story. It could have a stronger script with entertainment elemtns. Sonakshi’s deccent performance has given boost to it. The fats depends on the world of mouth among the audience.