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Akhil Akkineni Engagement Pics, Photo & Selfie- Akhil Engagement Video, Guest & Venue

Its the celebration moment for the family of Akkineni Nagarjuna and the whole telugu film Industry specially for the fans of Akkineni Akhil. Akhil Akkineni Engagement was announced to be on Decemeber 09th 2016 i.e Today. Akkineni Nagarjuna’s son Akhil’s engagement is fixed with Shriya Bhupal who is daughter of Shalini and Sobhanadri Bhupal.

As per the official announcement by Nagarjuna’s family Akhil Akkineni Engagement with Shriya will be at 7PM on December 09th.Most of the popular personalities in Telugu Film Industry along with politicians will attend to Akkineni Akhil’s Engagement.


Nag’s family took serious care to keep the media at bay while Akhil and Shriya Bhupal exchange their rings. Above is the photo of the Lovebirds just got engaged. According to sources Nagarjuna will invite fans and media for the grand wedding. As for the engagement ceremony tonight there is news that actors like Lakshmi Manchu and few others will be performing in this most private family event.


Nagarjuna is keeping Akhil Akkineni Engagement very private without letting any information out. As per the reports, Akhil Akkineni Engagement will be held in the Nagarjuna’s residence at Hyderabad.

Sources say that all the preparation have been going swiftly Nagarjuna and Amala are taking care of guests and Naga Chaitanya is personally taking care of all the arrangements of his brother engagement.