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7th Pay Commission Calculate Online, Pay Scale/Salary- 7th Pay Commission Calculator Update

The Cabinet approved the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations on 29th June. Even though the Cabinet has more or less accepted the recommendations of the AK Mathur led panel, there are these following influencers which did not find acceptance in the final report.

7th Pay Commission is headed by the former Supreme Court Judge Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur with other members in the pay commission. It is the seventh commission constituted by the Government of India for the revision of pay scale and pay band of millions of central government employees across the country. You can also suggest your views, and thoughts regarding this calculator. We will be more than happy to implement it.


We hope that 7th Pay Commission expected pay scale/salary calculator will be useful to all central government employees across the country. The 7th Pay Commission has submitted its recommendations on November 19, 2015 to the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. We will update this calculator as and when the Ministry of Finance release the final implementations of recommendations. On 29th June, 2016, Cabinet has approved the recommendations of the seventh pay commission. Final calculator will be soon updated.

So, based on the above factors, you can find a new calculator that will calculate your July salary including the increment in the following steps:

  • Select your appropriate Pay Band from the drop down menu.
  • Choose your appropriate Grade Pay from the drop down menu.
  • Enter your Basic Pay which should be your current (6th CPC) Grade Pay + Pay in the Pay Band.
  • Choose your appropriate HRA
  • Choose your appropriate TA