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29th Dec Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Episode Written Update- Watch Full Episode Online Hotstar

The Episode starts with Kartik saying we can’t stay with them. She asks why. He says its not one reason, they have given me many sorrows and cheats, Manish Goenka and his wife, and now Dadi also, I know you will she loves me, she acted to be ill and called me, that’s not the reason. She asks what’s the reason, tell me, we also say small lies to keep loved ones close.

He says I can bear Dadi’s lies, but Manish and Suwarna lied to me till years for their use, I can’t forget it, they cheated me and never cared for my feelings, why should I stay with them, they are not connected to me and you. She asks why don’t you call them mumma Papa. He shouts she is not my mum. She gets shocked. He says my mum died many years ago, since Manish married Suwarna, he also died for me.


Dadi asks Surekha to change Kartik’s room. Manish says that will be not needed. Dadi asks why, did he refuse for marriage. He says no, he changed mind to stay in this house after marriage. Dadi and everyone get shocked. He says Kartik wants to stay in different house after marriage and started looking for a house.

Manish says I can’t bear it now. Suwarna comes to him. He holds her hand and says I try to forget. Kartik says I can’t stay there, this is the reason I can’t stay with them, we will stay separated in our world, we will go to them if they need us. Manish says we can’t let Kartik go away, he came home after difficulty, I want to see him happy, do anything, stop my son please. Kartik says I will not stop, I want to get away. Manish says I want him near me, I wish someone explains him what we think, till when will he see world by his perception. She says just Naira can explain him now.

Naitik and everyone ask Kartik about his big step. Kartik says you have all right to know. I m not hiding anything, I stayed away from family for many years, when I went back, I realized I can’t stay happy there, why should I take Naira there, Naira wants to stay with everyone but I can’t give her that happiness, just this family will be there with her, I will give her love. Naitik says but your family is also her family. Bhabhimaa says I made Naitik and Akshara leave and then cried till they came back.